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We care about details!

Because at De Leon's besides being a company we are a group of coffee and gourmet product lovers, we make from our business a lifestyle lead us to give high importance to all details during the products chain (taking care in the products selection, working only with trusted providers, improving packaging methods, storing our goods under rigorous quality controls) in order to share with you the top gourmet products making your tasting experience one of the best parts of your day, in other words… we strive for excellence to give you the experience to start your day on the right foot.

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For us our customers are the most important!

We provide specialty coffee to de Leon's family since 2018 receiving great feedback from its customers, we are glad to share happiness to coffee lovers around the world
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Certified Products

We are open to proof our products quality certifications, we invite our customers to request more info at info@deleonscoffee.com

Our Single Origen Products

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