Distance Sales Agreement


Governing, Purpose & Stakeholders

This contract establish the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures for the Implementation of Distance Contracts, by the state laws of Istanbul/Turkey and any applicable law of the federal government of Turkey, regarding the sale of products and services carried out by the “Buyer” requested to DE LEONS GIDA MADDELERI IÇ VE DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, the “Seller”.

The customer declares that she/he has the information on the basic qualifications, the sale price, the type of payment, the delivery conditions and the right to “refund and return” regarding the goods or services for sale, which confirmed the preliminary information in electronic means and the prior and then ordered of the goods or services in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. The preliminary information and the invoice on the payment page of the website www.integros.com.tr.

Seller Information

Address: Mutfakçılar sanayi sitesi M:6. Blok, Sk. No:33 (34490) İkitelli Osb/Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 534 873 9803
E-mail: sales@deleonscoffee.com
Tax Number: 2721064255

Buyer/Ordering Person Information

IP address


Payments are accepted by Bank Transfer or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) to any of our bank accounts or with your credit cards on our site. You can take advantage of online single payment for all kinds of credit cards. In your online payments, the amount will be withdrawn from your credit card at the end of your order.

In the instance the Buyer fails to adhere to any terms and conditions found within this business sale Agreement, all deposits will be retained by the Seller and considered liquidated damages.


The agreement take place the date when the order of the Buyer is completed on the website, a copy of this contract and the detailed product information (product description, unit price, quantity, sales price with VAT Included, total price with VAT included) is send to the Buyer’s email.

The Seller will deliver the products as the Buyer requested and send by email to the Buyer a bill of sale no later than 30 calendar days from the business sale.


In case any party fails to accomplish its obligations within this Agreement, this agreement will become void and all deposits and funds will be returned to the paying party.

Right of Withdrawal

In distance contracts about sales of goods, the Buyer has the right to withdraw within 15 calendar days of receipt without showing any excuses and paying any penal clause. However, the Buyer may use his right of withdrawal from the establishment of this Agreement until the delivery of the goods. It is sufficient to direct the notification of the exercise of the right of withdrawal to the Seller. In order for our Buyers to use their right of withdrawal, they must fill in the turn in slip sent to them together with the product and submit the product to the courier company with the turn in slip.

Case of Deferred

The Buyer accepts that she/he will pay interest within the framework of the credit card agreement between the cardholder bank and the bank and be liable to the bank in case of default in the case of making the payment transactions with a credit card. In this case, the relevant bank may take legal action; may claim the costs and attorney’s fees to arise from the Buyer, and in any case, if the Buyer defaults due to its debt, the Buyer accepts that he will pay the damage and loss suffered by the Seller due to the delayed performance of the debt.

Authorized Court

In the resolution of any dispute that may arise from this Agreement, Seller records (including recordings in the magnetic environment such as computer-audio records) constitute conclusive evidence; Consumer Arbitration Committees are authorized up to the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade; and Consumer Courts and Directorates of Debt Collection located in residential region of the Buyer and the Seller are authorized for the values exceeding it.


The Buyer accepts and undertakes that he / she has read all the conditions and explanations written in this Agreement and the Order Form constituting its integral part, has received, examined and accepted the sales terms and all other preliminary information.

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