Coffee Espresso Mateo – Guatemala


Specialty Blend Guatemalan Coffee

Notes of  chocolate, caramel, hazelnut

Variety: Marsellesa

Location: Finca San Fernando, Zacapa, Guatemala

Altitude: 1100 m

Process: washed anaerobic

100% Arabica coffee

The combination of experience and technology always leads to success!

Experience: Espresso Mateo is cultivated by the 4th. generation of coffee producers on the western Guatemala
Technology: Using full controlled anaerobic systems for its preparation allows a guided fermentation process perfect enough to bring the best from the coffee seed. 

Applying a medium dark roast creates a balance creamy, sweetness, bitterness and acidity in Espresso Mateo, highlighting its chocolate, caramel and hazelnut notes which provides an unique mouthfeel experience, perfect to drink it single or by mixed with milk.. definitely a gift, unique among all other coffees.

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