Refund and Return

Return, exchange and refunds

At De León’s we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction, for such reason we also guarantee our products will have a return/exchange/refund based in the policies indicated below.

A receipt, either from online or onsite store is required for a return/exchange/refund. 

Our policy have a maximum duration of 15 calendar days for perishable products and 30 calendar days for non-perishable after the product’s sale date, after that time frame we can not offer a return/refund/exchange of our products. 

Remember, In case you have any question related to our coffee, equipment and products in general then you can email us at  so we will try our best to give detailed information about it in order to provide you the best experience according to your brewing preference and needs.


If you are unsatisfied with our products please email us at indicating what is the problem with the product so we can ascertain if exists any quality issue. A return request code will be sent to you by email that will help us to track the return process easier. We will offer a replacement of the product that fits your preferences in case a quality issue is found in the batch that was originally sent.

Is important to notice that we offer a wide different set of options, that can cause a taste differences based in the brewing type, storage conditions, water used and other factors that are out of our scope, for it please consider those variables before claim any exchange request.


After the item sent back is inspected, we will send you a notification indicating the process approval/rejection with a its respectively reason.

When a refund is approved, then the total amount of the product will automatically be applied to your credit card within 30 calendar days.

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